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"Understanding our nation's progress toward widely accepted goals is imperative in an age where most of us know far too little about the problems and opportunities we face. Supplying such information requires a trusted, nonpartisan source, with scientifically credible and useful data. The State of the USA affords America its best chance to receive such information, and it deserves the support of all leaders who care about creating a new level of public discourse to meet the needs of a mature and healthy democracy."

Derek Bok  — Derek Bok
The 300th Anniversary University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University

"The State of the USA is focused on complete independence with regard to institutional governance, research parameters, scientific standards, evaluation criteria and operational matters. This independence and dedication to quality will make it a gold standard for the best data about the world we live in."

Paul Brest  — Paul Brest
President of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

"We at the National Academy of Sciences look forward to advising the State of the USA on the scientific and technical questions it will face as it pursues its important mission — and no aspect of that mission is more central to its success than the ease with which citizens are able to engage and consume the information provided."

Harvey Fineberg  — Harvey Fineberg
President of the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences

"What distinguishes the State of the USA from other source material is the assistance from the National Academy of Sciences.  Chartered by President Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War, the National Academy of Sciences was created to engage in 'investigations, examinations and reports' in an effort to strengthen the Union in a time of need.  Now, almost a century and a half later, with its stewardship of the State of the USA, the National Academy continues to fulfill Lincoln's original vision."

Doris Kearns Goodwin  — Doris Kearns Goodwin
Presidential Historian

"As citizens it is our responsibility to constantly reinvigorate our democracy, to gauge its progress and to contribute to its strength and vibrancy.  With the State of the USA, Americans will now have a source of reliable, objective information about our increasingly complex society, which they can assimilate, find meaning in and act on to improve the country."

Vartan Gregorian  — Vartan Gregorian
President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York

"The nongovernmental sector continues to grow in importance as the crucible where government, business, academia and other sectors of society can work together for meaningful societal change.  The State of the USA represents a strategic investment in the underpinnings necessary for a 21st century civic dialogue and policy process where collective accountability for results is the norm rather than the exception." 

Judith  Rodin  — Judith Rodin
President of The Rockefeller Foundation

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