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New Statistical Approach to Burglary, Related Violence


The stereotypical burglary of the unknown masked man armed with a gun, breaking into a house and violently attacking its residents, is usually not the case, according to a new Bureau of Justice Statistics report that uses a revised definition of burglary to assess burglary-related violence.

Most US Public Defender Offices Stretched Thin


Most state, county and local public defender programs lack adequate resources to deal with their caseloads, according to two new reports by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Most Popular Illicit Drugs, Most Likely Users


A federal survey finds illicit drug use is on the rise, with marijuana the illegal drug of choice and young males the most likely current users. Also noted, a significant increase in the number unemployed illicit users. A motion chart tracks usage by drug since 2002.

FBI Report: Violent Crime Down for 2009


Violent crime has fallen for the third straight year, according to new data from the FBI. Murder and robbery saw sharp declines, while rape fell by just 2.4 percent when compared to 2008 estimates. Use a stack graph to see violent crime trends over time.

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4.4 Percent of Prison Inmates Sexually Victimized, Says BJS Report


Nationwide, 4.4 percent of male and female prison inmates and 3.1 percent of jail inmates surveyed between 2008 and 2009 say they had been victims of sexual abuse, according to a new report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Explore Property, Violent Crime Rates for Top U.S. Cities

crimetop50.gifNew York, the nation's most populous city, scores well below average for all of the offenses tracked by the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report. Explore violent crime and property crime rates for the 50 most populous U.S. cities using a sortable table and interactive bar charts.

U.S. Corrections Population: One in Every 31 Adults


The latest federal data shows overall population growth is in decline. But how many people are in prison, jail or on probation in the U.S. and how much do we spend on them? Use an interactive stack graph to track the growth of the correctional population in recent decades.

Breaking Down the Latest Increases in Identity Theft

idtheftsm.JPGIdentity theft is on the rise, with younger and wealthier households among the more likely victims. ID theft is on an initial short list of measurable items recommended to State of the USA for tracking crime and justice in the U.S.

What Crime and Justice Data Do You Consider Key?

jailtimesm.jpgIdentifying the most important measures of any issue requires an open dialogue that considers what the American people want to know and what experts consider most important for them to understand. Participate in shaping crime and justice coverage by weighing in on an draft set of measures compiled by a noted criminologist.

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