The State of the USA is focused on complete independence with regard to institutional governance, research parameters, scientific standards, evaluation criteria and operational matters. This independence and dedication to quality will make it a gold standard for the best data about the world we live in.

Paul Brest President of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
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World Statistics Day: A Dispatch From '20-10-2010'


What do a bunch of statisticians do to celebrate World Statistics Day? Don't expect a parade down Independence Avenue.

Hispanic Life Expectancy: Solving Data Concerns

CDC statisticians only recently have been able to overcome data-quality concerns and produce reliable life-expectancy estimates for Hispanics. What's been so hard about it?

DataBasics, NFL-style: Understanding Mean vs. Median

Tom BradyA quarterback averages 1.75 touchdown passes for a season. But in more than half of his games, he threw for one touchdown or fewer. Which statistic is more important for evaluating his success?

At the Plate, a Statistical Puzzler

Lowellthmb.jpgIn 2007 Red Sox rookie Jacoby Ellsbury batted .353 while teammate Mike Lowell batted .324. In 2008, Ellsbury again outperformed Lowell, batting .280 to Lowell's .274. Therefore Ellsbury outperformed Lowell over the two-year stretch. True or false?

Florence Nightingale, Data Visualization Pioneer

nightingalesm.jpgState of the USA's editorial team experiments with various interactive data visualization techniques, and will enable users to do the same -- work that owes much to the legendary battlefield nurse and pie chart trailblazer born 190 years ago this spring. (With an audio salute to her wartime comrades circa 1854.)

Mind the Data Gaps: Calling Out What Isn't Known

Information gaps come to light when statisticians are asked to supply data for an important policy question not yet answered with hard facts. In other words, someone somewhere is faced with making critical decisions in a vacuum. Understanding the living arrangements of the nation's elderly is just one example.

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